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West Paws Co. holds the highest standards for pet care and customer service. We are unmatched in our attention to detail, punctuality and most importantly our love and care for all animals. Experience the difference with West Paws Co.

What We Offer

West Paws Co. offers a variety of in-home services including nail trims, nail dremels (filing), paw pad trims, ear cleanings, paw yeast treatments, sanitary trims

Nail trimming

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Basic care



Why West Paws Co. is different

So many pets have had terrible experiences with groomers and vets alike. Our mission is to help your dog learn that their husbandry routine doesn't need to be scary. Nail trims should never be stressful! We use positive reward and praise to re-introduce routine care to your pet. Over time your pets will have a positive association with their routines and actually enjoy them!











Nail trim/dremel

Cat nail trim

Cat nail capping

Ear cleaning

Paw pad trim

Paw yeast treatment

Sanitary trim

Teeth brushing

Our Work

Regular nail trims are important for the health of your dog! Long nails can contribute to issues such as hip dysplasia, joint pain, arthritis, splayed foot and many more.

We understand animal anatomy and always trim with precision to avoid ever causing pain. The more often nails are trimmed the quick (the medial nerve in the nail) will recede so they can be trimmed shorter each time!

Client Testimonials

"Incredible service!! Would HIGHLY recommend! My pup loves Olivia! Great service. Great pricing."

"Olivia is fantastic; she’s the absolute best at what she does! I think the most significant element that sets her apart is how much effort, time, and care she puts into each appointment with every dog because I have used similar services before, and let me tell you; they were rude, insensitive, and always in a rush- most importantly, my girls despised them and the whole process. However, Olivia couldn't be any more different!"

Cynthia R. with Stella

"Portable and affordable, I love that she comes to my house. Roxy absolutely adores Olivia!"

Tiffany A. with Roxy

"My baby boy actually laid down for his nail trim! It took so long to get there after a traumatizing session with a mobile groomer that was leary of bully breeds...found a new mobile groomer that absolutely adores bully breeds and worked so hard to build my baby's trust and confidence over the last year. So many happy tears. Love finding bully lovers. If you are in need of someone awesome Olivia at West Paws Co. is your girl!"

Mikenzie V. with Daisy & Sophie

Brittany F. with Kenji, Selena & Brooklyn

"The only service I will ever use! After my dog was permanently injured by a nail trim, I don't trust anyone else."

"Olivia did amazing with my two dogs, especially our puppy! In the past people had refused to do her nails because she came off as “aggressive.” Olivia took time to comfort and assure our puppy she wasn’t there to harm her and her nail trim ended up going excellent! Definitely give Olivia a try! I know my dogs will be excited to see her next month!"

"I can't say enough about Olivia other than she is awesome. She was very patient with my 9 month old Chow. She moved at a pace that made him comfortable and gain his trust. I already have our next appointment booked and look forward to a long term relationship. Thank you for taking care of our baby."

Michaella R. with Astro & Thena

Michelle S. with Stevie

Monica B. with Po

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